How can you be a part of a hunger free world through your local actions?
Learn about problems the problems in your community that are related to hunger, nutrition, and food production. Find ways to be a part of the solutions to these problems locally. Then, share your ideas and efforts by creating an action or resource. Here are some ideas:

— Nutrition: Who is lacking nutritious food in your community? Are there churches or organizations in your area trying to provide nutritious meals to these people- join them! Make meals for people in your community or share nutritious recipes with your neighbors.

— Affordability: Many people lack the economic opportunity for healthy and adequate food. Join local efforts to fight hunger, such as volunteering with food banks and homeless shelters, donating food and canned goods, and supporting local organizations and churches.

— Sustainability: Help make your local food production more sustainable by planting a garden, pruning fruit trees, volunteering on a local farm, or partnering with other local efforts.

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