Hunger is not just about a lack of food. Even if people eat enough calories, they can be malnourished if that food does not provide adequate nutrients to allow their bodies to function well. We’re going to explore nutrition by starting with what’s on our own plate.

How do you stay nourished? Food is different all over the world. Not just recipes, but the actual types of food available. This means that although nutrition is a global concept, the ways to achieve nourishment vary by region. We challenge you to share how and what your area of the world eats by taking a photo of a meal and uploading it as a resource to the challenge.

During this process, think through key things you've learned about nutrition and the types of nutrition this food gives your body. After you share what your meal looks like, look at other meal photos and think about the differences and similarities with the food your area of the world eats.

When you’re done, visit our “Trading Plates” challenge and help us build a global cookbook with nutritious recipes from around the world.

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