Live Life is a six-week journey, beginning 13 February, to explore what it means to truly live a full life, as God intended us to live. Jesus said he came so that we could each “have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10) – but how many of us really feel as though we are experiencing life in all its fullness?

We’re going to explore this through six weekly challenges, which will focus on fasting, prayer, giving, thankfulness, and service. Each week will include a teaching of Jesus, a story of how young people are living life in creative ways, and a challenge for how we can incorporate that week’s discipline in our own life.

Even though Lent technically starts next Wednesday, 13 February, we have three ways you can get ready:

Read this week's challenge on the blog or download this printable version of the first two weekly challenges.

Take and share the Life Audit – our first step in exploring fullness of life by examining how we are already living life.

Get your small group or friends ready by organizing a Pancake Party – this is a Lenten tradition and it’s how we are challenging you to jump-start Live Life on 13 February!

Create an ACT:ION to share how you and your friends are participating in Live Life.

(If you haven’t already joined Live Life, you can sign up here or by clicking the orange ACCEPT CHALLENGE button above!)

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Committing to Live Life, and Share th...

I am going to commit the remaining days of my college sophomore year in meditating on the Word an...

Kim's Easter Challenge

I am going to make sure I have a quiet time each day; memorize a scripture each week & study the ...

FaithWalk - Sunday School Study

We are going to use Live Life as our curriculum for the next 6 weeks.

Taking the Challenge

Try and get a small group! It would be easier to go alone, but community would be better.

Building Each Other Up
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Other by Tracy N.

My seven housemates and I are meeting once a week to read Lenten Scripture and read letters of en...

Small group living life together

We're going to meet together every week for 2 hours to support each other and share our liveswith...

blogging 40 days of challenges from t...

I'll be taking the challenges and writing about their impact in my thoughts, words and deeds over...

learn and share about sex trafficking...

continue learning about this issue, connect with others involved and share with students in unive...

Purpose-Driven Life
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Advocacy by Amberley R.

Using Lent to Reawaken the calling God placed on my heart & Learn to trust Him when it seems ther...

Morning Prayer Time

I'm going to wake up a few minutes earlier everyday, and take that time to pray, read the Bible a...

Roadway to Transformation and Life Wi...

I am going to breakdown my strengths and weaknesses in life, Try to reflect on my weaknesses.

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Event by Ryan G.

To combat Time, my church group, roommate and myself are having a late night Pancake Party at a l...

Pray for guidance and determination

I am going to spend the first 5 minutes of my commute asking God to show me how to live a more vi...

Positivity in our Life

Try and live a full life starting with my attitude. Being positive and radiating happiness to others

Discovering Life

Throw away the mundane and ephemeral to truly live life to the fullest by focusing on how Christ ...

Live Life 4 Moms

I have invited the Moms and Grandmas of our Youth to participate separately in a similar Lenten s...

Small Groups

I am starting a small group on my campus to walk through this challenge with me.

Sharing with a Bible Study

I am going to talk to my current Bible Study about joining me in the Live Life campaign.