This week, we’ll use the Lord’s Prayer as a model to pray for God’s kingdom to come – in our lives, our communities, and our world. Then, we’ll use photography to share the needs in our communities with one another. Here’s how to get started:

1. Read this week’s challenge—including Matthew 6:5-13 and the story of youth who are using photography to take a stand against problems in their communities. (You can also download this printable version.)

2. Think about what God’s kingdom on earth would look like in your community. What are the people, places, or things in need of restoration? What issues are prevalent in your community?

3. Then take a photo of what could be set right in your community and share it along with a prayer by uploading a resource! (Here's tips for creating actions & uploading resources.)

Want to get ahead? Download Weeks 3-5!

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What if only 1% Believed?

I'm going to pray for Japan. After visting in May, I realized that Japan needs Jesus more than ev...

What if only 1% Believed?

I'm praying for Japan. There is only a 1% population who truly know Jesus as Christ. They need th...

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Hablar con Dios como lo hago con mis amigos. ¿Padre, cómo te fue hoy? Mirá, muchas gracias por e...

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Praying for the Wealthy

I am praying for rich people, because of they have as many internal struggles, but more means to ...

Praying for our College Community

Our group put up quotes about prayer and specific places and people to pray for this week in our ...

Pray for Bible study in dorms

I am going to pray and fast before inviting students to Seekers Bible study in my dormitories.

Praying through Faith

I am going to pray every night with grace and mercy by the Lord which gave me the strength to for...

Prayers of Preparation

I am leading a service-learning trip with my school for spring break and I will pray for the comm...

I am going to take ten mins each day ...
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Other by Paul N.

I am aware often we do many things concurrently. As we are often so busy we dont stop and focus...

John 17

I am going to memorize Jesus' prayer in John 17.

Praying through the Sermon on the Mount

I am going to pray through the Sermon on the Mount in the Message version