What do you love to do? What are you good at? Who do you feel called to serve? We’ll think through these questions and find ways to use our talents to serve others. Here’s how to get started:

1. Read this week’s challenge—including Matthew 25:14-27 and a story about youth in Kenya who are using their talents to raise awareness on important issues. (What is Live Life? Learn more here.)

2. Think about what your talents are. How can you use your skills to serve others?

3. Then share your plan by creating an action on the global sharing platform! (Here's tips on creating actions!)

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Get ahead: download and print Live Life weeks 3-5.

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Invite a comer

Invitar a hombres y mujeres de la calle, que no pueden comprarse el almuerzo. ¡Se lo van a agrade...

Team South Africa Jersey Drive
  • 401
  • 0
Campaign by Cara M.

My friends moved to South Africa to start a Soccer Ministry. I want to collect colored shirts as ...

Giving talents through videos, etc

I'm editing the next videos for ABUB (Brazilian IFES), translating a book and giving other things...

Writing Encouragement

I will write a note in some form each day this week to someone who I know is in need of encourage...

Designing to Encourage

I am going to use my creativity to encourage and inspire others throughout the week :)

Giving my time and all to those who n...

I am going to give full attention and time to those who need me, especially the kids in my ministry.

Little surprises

Each day I put on a windowsill in my dormitories a note "GIFT for the first who found it" with a ...

Giving Through Prayer

I'm going to pray a rosary everyday this week for all those who are hurting and struggling with ...

Picking Up Trash in My Community

I am going to give back by taking time to pick up trash that I see around my neighborhood.


I am inviting people from various communities together to dine and laugh together. I am giving th...

Cooking for others

I love cooking and baking, so this week I will show others love by making food for them!

Thinking for Others

I like coming up w/ new ideas & solutions. I'll use help others think & give fresh perspective & ...